Relationship Counselling


Successful counseling and therapy is a collaborative process that benefits from the active participation of clients and therapist.

During an initial couples counseling session, you will be asked about the nature of your concerns, the impact they have on each of you and your relationship and what your hopes are for the therapeutic process. As a couple, you will be involved in the assessment and treatment planning process which will involve:

  • A initial joint session to discuss family and past influences

  • Meeting with each of you individually

  • A feedback and goal setting session

During sessions you will be encouraged to learn about the patterns of behavior that you both have been using, to look at what has broken down and why. To help change the patterns in a positive way, you will be encouraged to talk to each other in a way that supports a safer connection and expands your emotional response.


Couple & Marriage counselling will help you and your partner to re-kindle feelings of love and strengthen the bonds between you. Counseling will provide you with tools such as new communication skills so that you and your partner can repair and redesign your relationship, and help you to understand each other and relate to one another in a deeper and more satisfying way.

Adapted from Joan Marsman, MSc RMFT